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The goal of the game is to build and manage a profitable toys factory, more precisely interlocking building blocks, that will come in all kinds of shapes and colors. I'm sure many of you owned them as a child, or still do today.

The typical layout of a factory is made of heaters that turn plastic pellets into molten plastic, that is then injected into molding machines via pipes. Molding machines must be equipped with a certain mold platen (each platen outputs a certain shape). Different parts (or bricks) then have to be gathered and placed into cardboard boxes to be sold.

Regarding mechanics, you do not control the employees directly. You’d just set the layout and watch them work. My main inspirations would be:


The game is still very much in a prototyping phase and there is currently very little do to, but I'm actively working on it (although not full time) and I update new versions on regular basis. I estimate completion to be around 20% right now. If your buy it today, you will have access to all the future versions for ever and ever.

I'm focusing primarily on behavior and functionalities and don't spend too much time on graphics, as I'm a programmer and not an artist and as I don't think graphics matter as much for this genre of game.

I'm working on this project primarily for fun. I'm trying to make a game that I'd enjoy playing.

I understand it might still look a bit confusing and sometimes over-complicated. The plan right now is to add all features I have in mind and focus primarily on some kind of sandbox mode, with all the features and units unlocked. Later I'm planning to add some kind of scenario or progression, a tech tree, as well as different difficulty levels; that hopefully will make it more accessible.

I'm documenting my progress on this YouTube playlist.

It should be possible to run the Linux version on Mac too, but I haven't tested myself.



Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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